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Shelf life (also known as ‘Use By’ or ‘Best Before’ date) is the stipulated time period within which the food products are safe to consume and have acceptable sensory characteristics. It is a step that must be followed before a product launch or modifying an existing product.

Importance of Best Before Date on Food Packaging

  • The shelf life analysis helps identify the products that can be consumed and discard those which are unfit for consumption.

  • The allergies or side-effects that can occur on the consumption of food can be prevented

  • The storage of food can be planned in advance and space utility can be maintained

  • It helps consumers make safe and informed purchase of food products

  • The quality is safeguarded, preventing Food Businesses’ loss

  • It helps consumers make safe and informed choices while purchasing food products.

Benefits of Shelf life 

  • Brand Equity and Business growth

  • Consumers can know the product span andcan make good buying decisions.

  • It prevents wastage of surplus food.

  • Food packaging and shelf life analysis could guarantee food safety and quality.