In Search of Nutritional Labeling Experts in New Delhi?

Nutritional Labeling refers to the information about the food displayed on the packaging. It includes standards like serving size, number of calories, nutritional information, %DV and the list of ingredients


According to the FSSAI, every food product should mandatorily mention the nutritional label on its packaging.

Importance of Product Label:

Nutritional Labeling

  • Product / Food labels help make healthy food choices.

  • Nutritional comparisons can be made with help of serving size.

  • People with health problems can choose food products consciously.

  • Transparency of the food products

Benefits of Nutritional Labels:

Nutritional Labeling

  • Nutritious food products could be segregated from HFSS (High in fats, sugars and salt] food products.

  • Enable consumers lead healthy lifestyles.

  • Easy changes in the product composition if needed by checking nutritional label.

  • Provides transparency to consumers and helps them make an informed decision while purchasing a product.