Food Testing Labs in New Delhi

Your search for one of the best food testing labs in New Delhi ends at Equinox Labs!

Get your food products tested to ensure their quality & food hygiene as per Food Safety Regulations


Why is Food Safety Testing Important?


Safeguarding Product Quality

Ensuring Food Safety

Maintaining Transparency

Understanding Health Risks

Benefits of Food Testing

Prevents the outbreak of diseases and illnesses

Avoids instances of food adulteration and food contamination

Standardizes and hygienizes manufacturing & handling practices

Elevates customer satisfaction and brand trust

Food testing Labs in New Delhi are useful for the following sectors:

Facilitates smooth international food transport and maintaining Indian quality as per IS standards. Food hygiene standards should be at par with the food safety regulations.

Food testing prevents contamination in the supply chain while ensuring food hygiene and quality for end consumers, brand equity and compliance with FSSAI.

Food testing labs in New Delhi help prevent fatal diseases, allergies, food poisoning and reduce the percentage of absenteeism in the corporate offices.