Food Safety for Corporates

More than 70% of the employees working in the corporate industry depend on their employers for safe and nutritious foods.
A large number of employees are at risk if a foodborne disease breaks out.


Not just food manufacturers and FBOs, but corporate organisations also form a major portion of the food industry. The ever-increasing dependency of employees on their workplaces makes it important for corporate organisations to delve into food safety and FSSAI regulations. The risks involved are high and severe.

Here are the risks associated:

  • Outbreak of foodborne diseases can put the health of employees at risk.
  • The number of absenteeism increases as several employees fall sick.
  • Loss of a company’s brand equity & decreased annual turnover are some other issues.

Selection of a food vendor is highly critical. Registered food business / food licence, personal hygiene and personnel training are some basic, mandatory aspects to begin with.

Facility managers in every corporate company should invest strategic time, energy and finance for developing a 360° Food Safety Program for their employees.

Food Vendor Management

Selection, onboarding, monitoring and contract-based food vendors are pivotal to every corporate organisation. From the safety of the food and its area of preparation to the kind of menu served, everything depends upon the ultimate choice of a food vendor.

Food vendor management is an understated, yet a significant part for a company for the following reasons:

  • Selection of the right food vendor depends on its past experience, third-party corporate feedback, pricing, food safety and its compliance with FSSAI and past safety-threatening situations.
  • Once shortlisted, the vendor has to understand the company’s food requirements.
  • Regular audits and inspections are necessary to ensure optimum food quality.
  • Training sessions on manufacturing, handling, serving and personal hygiene should be provided as and when needed.
  • Licence should be renewed before the expiration date.
  • The use of separate utensils, location and the water used should also be carefully monitored
  • According to food vendors management, regular company feedbacks are essential for any improvisations. Additionally, grievances must be addressed strictly and promptly.